22 – Individualism and Collectivism


In psychology we researched about individualism and collectivism. During this time, we went into the discussion of what is more crucial or influential in our lives: individualism or collectivism?

At time time, we stated that Western societies are more individualistic while Eastern societies are more collectivistic. This is because Western societies support more of the ideas of doing best for one, thriving and gaining success. Eastern societies however, support the idea of family, working not only for myself but for the community as well. However, this doesn’t mean that the two ideologies don’t get along together. Koreans rise up to success because they want to bring honor and success to their family. But rising up to success is an individualistic idea. The same goes for Western countries as well. Americans such as Bill Gates can be considered to be individualistic, as they rose to success with their own power, thinking of themselves. However Bill Gates often donates his money to the country, and has stated recently that he will donate all of his money for the research of medical discoveries. He derived from individualistic ideas yet his current actions are closer to collectivism. Why is this so?

This may be because of emotions. A person may have started as an individualistic but because of the emotions that thrived from him or her, the person could change. Feelings such as patriotism and nationalism can easily change people. While working, the feeling of happiness because the person was able to help their community could easily change them. As emotions are strong, and can easily influence our actions and thoughts. Our thoughts are easily challenged by emotions.

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